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About Network Empire

Network Empire Group is an intimate crew of highly skilled online marketers, SEO ranking geniuses, high-level software programmers and technologists.

Matt Da Cruz
CEO - Matt Da Cruz

The Founders.

It all started with an idea. In 2011 Matt Da Cruz and Sue Bell started Network Empire. Russell Wright joined Network Empire in 2013. Over the years we have helped thousands of customers achieve their goals online.


Team overview: 

The Network Empire Digital Marketing Team is a special team of highly skilled online marketers, SEO ranking geniuses, high-level software programmers and technologists led by Matt Da Cruz.

The team is handpicked from the industry as they specialize in training businesses in critical areas relating to digital marketing.

The team consists of Mike Clay, Jeffrey Smith, Welton Nekota, Hernan Vazquez whom all have contributed to the excellent training offered at Network Empire.

What good is incredible software if you not trained on how to use it right!


This ‘crack’ team has come together throughout a decade of enterprise-level “Online-Empire-Building” software development.

The purpose of all Network Empire software is the uncompromising goal of automating the tedious parts of the process of building high ranked, high traffic, content broadcasting networks.

 We helped shape the SEO industry.

In 2011 we launch our custom Digital Marketing Silo Empire Builder, and launched Network Empire.

Matt took the concept of website silo architecture and built a digital marketing software system that semi-automates the amazingly powerful SEO ranking process while integrating business rules.

Today website silo architecture is one of the many SEO methods that the Network Empire Team deploys with devastating skill.

However, what sets us apart from most is that we can look at the entire digital marketing universe from a business-centric perspective in a fraction of the time it takes other with more insightful data.

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz

  • Founder of Network Empire
  • 20 years experience in the Telecommunications, Programming and Digital Marketing Industry.
  • Co-inventor of Killer Keyword, Krakken 2.0, DWS,
  • Inventor of Digital Marketers toolkit.
  • Trained thousands of students to build websites
Mike Clay

Mike Clay

Leveraging over 20 years experience, helping professionals to rekindle the passion in their business, allowing them to connect to their customers by developing a Digital Marketing Blueprint that transforms the entire business from its core

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

  • 23+ years of SEO experience in an option-rich, push-button environment.
  • Learn to create visually stunning websites “that rank as great as they look”.
  •  The SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin (over 2,000,000 downloads), The SEO Design Framework Theme
  • Co-Inventor of the WP Simple Silo Builder,
Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vasquez

  • Face Book Specialist
  • Help students, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and infopreneurs to grow their revenue online by developing marketing funnels and email automation
Welton Nekota

Welton Nekota

  • Strategic Copy writing,
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Welton Nekota is a top SEO traffic and conversion marketer. If you want more customers and an increase in sales, you can trust Welton to help you
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