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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bootcamp & SEO Toolbox

Digital Marketing Toolbox, the perfect framework for beginner-to-advanced looking to learn new skills or hone existing ones.

Watch Webinar To Get Familiar With The Digital Marketing Toolbox & Growth Framework

Get competitive insights.

Easy-to-understand insights help you quickly discover the best route to market your products and services effectively.

The choice is simple, work smarter not harder.

Hi, welcome to Digital Marketing Bootcamp 2019.

In this boot camp you will cover what is essential in digital marketing.

Throughout this boot camp and you will help you really win back your valuable time.

It does not matter if your a beginner or advanced, you will learn how to build a website the smart way.

Throughout the boot camp, we will steer you to our coaches who specialize in the specific fields of digital marketing so you can customize your skill.

The topics covered are social media, YouTube, email, Facebook marketing strategies, Google 360, Digital marketing blueprints, WordPress website builders and more… so it sounds like a lot but doesn’t worry I’ve got you covered.

You will get see practical steps you can use & integrate into your business today at minimal cost.

You will walk through the process and will see upfront how the tools work and how to integrate the growth framework.

I’m 100% sure you will love what we have installed for you in this digital marketing boot camp!

Let’s begin…

What Is Digital Marketing?

The whole point of digital marketing is to essentially get more customers and grow your business right!

There is a whole bunch of stuff you need to do to make this happen.

Your goal is most probably to build a website, fix a website, increase sales, increase traffic, optimize the site and a whole bunch of other technical stuff.

Digital marketers toolbox (DMT) was developed to help you look at any industry objectively, doesn’t matter what industry it is. The tool does the 80% heavy lifting and leaves the important 20% for you to pay attention to.

Digital marketers toolbox helps you get the market analysis you need, get the keywords you need, backlinks and all other information you need.
All you need for SEO is organized and sorted for you in minutes.

Before you start using digital marketers toolbox, let’s take a look at the image below to quickly get an idea of how to find out what people are saying, asking, annoyed about, concerned about, fearful of and basically what they like and dislike.

You can see that you can extract the pain in the market through various methods such as using search engines, social networks, popular communities like Facebook groups. Where ever a conversation takes place you can extract the pain from the market.

How To Conduct A Market Analysis Using Search Engines Or Social Platforms? (Quick Recon)

Google uses stemming technology to find variations of each word in your search, so searching for “diet” automatically finds variations like “dietary” and “diets.” The suggestion engine also suggests searches based on spelling variations and commonly misspelled words, so there’s no need to put an asterisk in place of a missing letter if you weren’t sure how to spell something.

  • Finding the pain in markets. Use “Review”, “how to”, “keyword group” type searches

    • Search Engine
      • [locale] [keyword] * review = phoenix plumber * review [google] [duck duck go]
    • Social Search
      • [Facebook]
    • Online Shopping
      • [Amazon]  = “digital marketing”
    • Local business listing sites like yelp as an example
  • Use Google forms to do surveys –
    • Create survey
    • What is your biggest problem with ________________ ?
    • If your problem was solved. How would it impact your life? (detail)
    • How difficult has it been for you to find a good answer for the questions above?
  • Questions
    • Digital Marketers toolbox
      • Profile
        • Project: Add market authority sites
        • Add Product
Market Research Process

I’m going to ask you a few questions.

  1. Do you know how to attract your audience?
  2. Does the words (language) used in your speech, content, meme’s help the search engines understand what you targeting?
  3. Does your message connect with the right kind of people you are looking for?
  4. Do you have a modern marketing funnel that drives sales?

Marketing Fundamentals Overview

Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of marketing
  2. Develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan
  3. Think strategically about marketing & issues you have discovered
  4. Consider ethical issues

What Is Online Market Analysis?

In order to come up with a brilliant marketing plan – you need to know the lay of the land. Digital marketers toolbox does an awesome job of getting the Intel you need.

Before we start doing the work lets cover a few basic concepts.

Your marketing strategy should become the guide that helps marketers choose, prioritize, plan, and execute projects to influence profitable customer action.

There is evidence that suggests that businesses who document their marketing strategy are more likely to reach their goals/succeed.

What Should Be Included In A Market Analysis?

In summary, your market analysis is made up of the following components

  1. An assessment of the market.
  2. Whether the market is big enough to facilitate your business goals.
  3. An understanding of the demographic and segmentation of the market.
  4. An understanding of what the market segment is asking, what they need.
  5. An understanding of who the competition is and how strong they are.
  6. An understanding of what barriers to entry exist?
  7. An understanding of Regulation
  • You start identifying who the audience is and how to connect with these people.
  • You identify multiple ways using different digital marketing methods to attract the target audience by sending out the correct messages/signals.
  • You speak to their pain points and prove a solution.
  • You understand how you’re going to deploy/deliver the solution.

What is the Growth Framework?

The growth framework is the evergreen cycle that flows in perpetual
motion. The framework is broken down into four sections or four quadrants. It incorporates the idea of the business story, the customer story and the growth zones.

Each zone allows you to look at traffic as cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic. Each zone requires a different approach when communicating with the prospect.

The fours stages/pillars of the framework are:

  1. Attracting your customers
  2. Nurturing your customers
  3. Converting your customers
  4. Engaging with your customers and building a long term relationship with them.
Complete Web Development SEO Digital Marketing Tools For 2019

The whole system is focused around bringing people to the
epicenter so you can have a symbiotic relationship that works well for everybody.

Here is a literal example of how you can use this framework to answer questions while doing your market analysis.

Bob has a pet store and has repeat customers in his area. Bob’s attended many self-help courses and has a vision of owning a franchise of pet stores across the USA and hopefully worldwide.

How will Bob achieve this goal?
Bob needs to come up with a plan that can help him grow his business 10x.

In the real world, If you neglect your customers that are hot and are repeat customers they’ll become cold and you will lose their business.

If you work with your customers, they will warm up to you once they get to know you and trust you and will become brand advocates over time.

The growth framework helps you position yourself because you are consistently aware of what stage the customer is in the buying cycle.
The growth map will get cover more in later sessions.

How To Do A Market Analysis?

You can take the business plan as far as you want.
We going to cover the basic concepts to get you started fast.

There are basically 3 steps / stages you go through.

  1. Identify the market
  2. Develop a strategy to meet the needs of the market.
    1. That’s where we build the bones of a digital marketing plan number
  3. Detail plan to execute the strategy.

This is where you actually go look and think about what actions will be taken and who will execute the tasks.

In the starting phases of your market analysis, keep things very
very simple and clear.

  • Keep an open mind so hidden opportunities will get exposed.
  • Be in a position where you can summaries verbally what your assessment of the market is.

Put yourself in the position of the person being sold to.

The following 8 questions provide a great starting point.

Get competitive insights.

Easy-to-understand insights help you quickly discover the best route to market your products and services effectively.

The choice is simple, work smarter not harder.

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