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It all started with an idea to build digital marketing tools that give digital marketer’s an edge. In 2011 Matt Da Cruz began Network Empire. The goal to develop online tools based on solid business principles that get the job done -> Generating leads and traffic for your business.

Our tools and methods have always been way ahead of the curve.
The result is that over the years, we have helped thousands of customers achieve their goals online with our training and digital marketing software.

Meet some of the Influencers and Our Coaches who have contributed to helping thousands of our members & customers get great results and improve their digital marketing skills. The digital marketing coaching is quality.

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Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz is the founder/creator of Network Empire, the company behind Digital Marketer’s Toolbox, the Stackable Growth Framework, the Automated Web-ring System. Co-inventor of Killer Keyword, Krakken 2.0, Domain Web Studio, WP Simple Silo Builder, WP Video Silo Website Builder, Onefeed Super Charger & others… (-> All the best featured built into digital marketers toolbox). Matt’s career has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, programming, systems automation, and digital marketing.

  • His expertise and skill in making sophisticated marketing methods simple for the students is his secret weapon.
  • Matt has trained thousands of students in advanced technical digital marketing methods.
  • A specialist in website silo architecture & systems automation / web scraping, which you learn in Network Empires Stackable Growth Framework workshops.
  • Matt’s trainings expose you to a different way of thinking about the web. These methods are extremely powerful in the right hands.
  • Digital Marketer’s Toolbox has been built to give you the online marketing edge you need to be able to compete and win.

The best part of Network Empires stackable digital marketing blueprint framework is many of the “complex tasks many fail at completing” is done for you in digital marketer’s toolbox. The process is simple to learn and with a few clicks of a button, very complex procedures get done for you in the background at lightning speed. The stackable digital marketing blueprint framework is extremely powerful & simple to implement into any business.

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One To One Or Group Digital Marketing Coaching & Consulting
Developing Digital Marketing Tools That Deliver Results 2
One To One Or Group Digital Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Mike Clay

Leveraging over 20 years experience, helping professionals to rekindle the passion in their business, allowing them to connect to their customers by developing a Digital Marketing Blueprint that transforms the entire business from its core

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the founder of SEO Design Solutions, the company behind SEO Bootcamp and the popular WordPress plugin SEO Ultimate+, which helps webmasters, affiliates, and business owners increase rankings, revenues, and reach.

Jeffrey started his career in the mid-’90s, and in 2006 he founded SEO Design Solutions, an SEO agency that worked with some of the largest brands (Time, American Express, Food and Wine, Michaels, Travel and Leisure and others) providing SEO and consulting services.

Along the way, striving for repeatability and consistency, the agency created a toolbox based on the challenges experienced with clients they later released to the public.

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One To One Or Group Digital Marketing Coaching & Consulting
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One To One Consulting

Hernan Vasquez

Hernan is a FaceBook Specialist who specializes in complex FB marketing campaigns. Helping students, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and infopreneurs to grow their revenue online by developing marketing funnels and email automation systems.

Welton Nekota

Welton is a Strategic Copy writing expert that helps business get maximum value out of the marketing campaigns. Being a digital marketing copy strategist, Welton Nekota is a seasoned veteran in conversion marketer. If you want more customers and an increase in sales, you can trust Welton to help you achieve that goal.

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One To One Consulting