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How To Install a WordPress Plugin - Step by Step for Beginners

In this session what you are going to do is continue with the WordPress build. In the previous session you set up the domain & you set up your hosting with WP engine with that came a default install of WordPress.

Considerations For Your WordPress Installation

  1. before you add content to the installation of WordPress – make a master backup of the WordPress installation, the database and the theme you have installed and configured
  2. Install your WordPress plugins you use often

Here is a list of that you can find in WordPress repository

Favourite wordpress plugins

WordPress Installation - Ready with plugins & Theme

Some things to consider at this stage.

  1. The installation is at a stage now where you can make a clone and you can create a mirror site, example
  2. PLESK and CPANEL have these features typically.
  3. If you not using either its good to make a complete backup using UpDraft Plus (backup plugin)
  4. Updraft Plus makes backups to many cloud services
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