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Ways to Find Your Audience Online

Why Define Your Target Audience?

      • Connect your content to your product.
      • Buy your product because of your content.
      • Ensure you are creating the right content for the right people
      • Better understand how to create content that connects benefits to the readers needs
      • Increase conversions (thanks to items 1 and 2)

Creating Your Target Audience Definition

      • An audience definition should ideally connect these three things:
        1. Your product or service
        2. Your main audience demographic
        3. Your content’s mission
      • “[INSERT YOUR BRAND] creates content to help and inform [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC] so they can [INSERT ACTION] better.”

Tactics To Find Your Target Audience

      • Create Reader Personas
      • Conduct User Surveys Regularly
      • Use Google Analytics:
        Great post worth reading:
      • Find Your Target Audience On Facebook With Facebook Insights
      • Start by visiting your Facebook page.
        • Click the Insights tab: >
          • Next, click People:
      • Find Your Target Audience On Twitter By
      • Run An Annual Audience Survey
      • Monitor Your Social Activity
      • Monitor Your Best (And Worst) Content
      • Ask for Audience Feedback With An Automated Email
      • Talk To Your Social Followers
      • Analyze Your Competitors’ Twitter Followers
      • Analyze Your Customer Data
      • Use Social Listening Tools
      • Use buzzsumo to get deeper insights into the content that gets shared
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