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PRO monthly: $127 per month.

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  • PRO monthly: $97 per month & new subscriber gets a $30 coupon discount per month = $360 annual saving

Business monthly: $499 per month

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  • Business monthly: $400 per month & new subscriber gets a $99 coupon discount per month = $1,188 annual saving

PRO Annual: $1270 per year

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  • PRO annual: $1000 per year & new subscriber gets a $270 coupon discount + 2 months credits worth $254 annually.

Business Annual: $4990 per year

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  • Business annual: $4000 per year & new subscriber gets a $990 coupon discount + 2 months credits worth $998 annually.
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Hey there!

If you’re serious about digital marketing, then you need to check out the new features in Digital Marketers Toolbox. With powerful SEO analysis tools, you can take control of your online presence and dominate your competition.

Here are some of the key features you can look forward to

  • Digital marketing blueprint
  • Keyword research tool
  • Competitive analysis tool
  • Website silo architecture tool
  • Semantic AI-generated content template editor (which destroys writer’s block!)

Here are the timestamps so you can skip to what interest you.
See ya on the inside… Enjoy

Network Empire Crew

Digital Marketers Toolbox Walk-Through – NEW Features AI integrated.

See how the whole process works.

  1. Step 1: (0:00:50) Create a blueprint
  2. Step 2: (0:01:30) Add your domain for the project
  3. Step 3: (0:02:40) Add competitor domain. (Not mandatory – Just if you’re nosey)
  4. Step 4: (0:03:50) Click on your domain and do your keyword research
  5. Step 5: (0:09:00) After keyword research, review reports in stages 4 & 5. If you have a brand new domain – the domain-specific report won’t have results. Why – because the domain has no footprint at Semrush.
  6. Step 6: (0:10:20) Website Silo Architecture: Using Custom keyword: Create your website blueprint. Map out all the keyword targets for ranking, PPC, Video etc…
  7. Step 7: (0:12:00) Use [create website framework] automation or keyword grid to add pages to the website blueprint
  8. Step 8: (0:14:25) Adding category pages under a silo keyword
  9. Step 9: (0:16:20) Silo Level1: Developing your content: generating all your content elements by running the search and content analysis automation.
  10. Step 10: (0:18:30) Silo Level1: Review the results retrieved from the web and become familiar with how the content is delivered to your audience. Pay attention to what is asked for by who. Pay attention to headlines and call to action. Be nosey…
  11. Step 11: (0:19:30) Semantic Topic editor: Create your Ai Generated content blocks that make sense when you follow this secret process. Speed up content development.
  12. Step 12: (0:34:00) Semantic Topic editor: Use the AI-generated content blocks to your advantage in all your marketing. See how
  13. Step 13: (0:45:05) Silo Level1: Onpage optimization and editing content template: One website blueprint can be deployed in many ways. Use short_codes to your advantage.
  14. Step 14: (0:48:00) Export WP XML > Import using WP Silo Builder > found on Digital Marketers toolbox dashboard > Plugins and agency templates
  15. Step 15: (0:50:00) Download WP Silo Builder and Install it in WordPress. Then, activate WP Silo Builder and use Silo importer > import your website blueprint XML. WP Silo Builder will automatically create all pages, categories and posts. In addition, it will make the internal linking for the silo.
  16. Step 16: (0:53:00) Final thoughts