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Ranking Your Website Locally

Get complete control over the local marketing in a matter of minutes with magic page plugin. Go from draft to local lead generation in less time than ever before. Take advantage of the this free local SEO lead generation training today.

Use LOCAL SEO The Smart Way

Do you want to rank your local website? learn how to with 3 steps with magic page plugin:

1. Build a single page.
2. Set a Radius.
3. Watch as the software builds an SEO perfect page for every location your business wants to rank online.

Understand your markets Love Language

Build Digital Marketing Blueprints of markets that speak to your audiences needs no matter where they are in the world. Digital Marketers Toolbox gives you the essence of what your target market is after. All you need to do is put yourself infront of your audience.

Dominate Your Local Market

Smart GEO Localization SEO features automatically included in magic page plugin.

  1. Dynamic Backlink Builder
  2. Nineteen country location databases
  3. Location database import and export
  4. Over 50 pre-built local website templates
  5. Location sets for specific local data
  6. xFields for storing information
  7. Random link generator
  8. Footprint minified for security
  9. Spintax integration site wide
  10. Time based content auto re writes
  11. Dynamic pages created on the fly
  12. Mass export to static pages and posts
  13. Gradually build locations for SEO
  14. Shortcodes for all geolocation data
  15. Dynamic internal linking structure

SEO Framework

Digital Marketers Toolbox + Stackable SEO Framework
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What is Local SEO, and How Does It Work?

You can grow your business with a good search engine optimization strategy.

Find out how it works. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

This is how you rank your website higher in search engines such as Google, to attract more people to your site. This training will improve your search engine optimization (SEO), increase search engine rank, and increase audience participation. You can also make a good first impression by optimizing you profile for local searches.

  1. If you are a digital business, you will most likely have to handle the personal information of others. These are some ways to make sure it is done correctly.
  2. Local SEO (search engine optimization), is a strategy that makes your business more visible when you search for it in Google.
  3. This training on local SEO will explain how Google works with local sites. To increase your business’ visibility, you can optimize your website for local search results.
  4. Local SEO is beneficial to any business that has a physical address, or serves a specific geographic area.
  5. Local SEO can be a great way for your business to grow.
  • Google does not perform a live search of the entire internet for any keyword entered into its search box.
  • Google searches a cached version of all websites it finds, the Google Index.
  • Google uses small programs called “spiders” to crawl the internet in order to create the index. Each spider works in the same manner.
  • It starts on one page, then looks at links to other pages. Then it examines the content of the next pages.
  • After web content has been crawled, it’s stored on Google’s servers and an index is created.

Amazingly fast, the spiders crawl trillions upon trillions of pages every hour. This allows the index’s status to remain current and new connections and sites can be discovered quickly.

The algorithm takes into account both on-site as well as off-site factors in order to determine which websites are related. The algorithm first adds all relevant websites. The list is then ranked based on its prominence. The algorithm then ranks the sites based on their prominence.

How Does Local Organic Search Benefit You?

After studying trillions of searches, Google found that certain types business owners are more likely to be found in their area. Google’s local search algorithm uses the proximity factor to account your location when you search for local keywords (a query that has local intent).

Even if the searcher doesn’t include “near me”, or a name of a city in their search, it will still be found. While local searches have been around for many years, they are not as common today.

Because most people still use their computers at home, this was why local search is not as common today. Although mobile internet access has increased tremendously, local SEO is essential for any local business offering local products or services.

Google takes link popularity and local content into account when determining factors.

It is important to create local landing pages for each of your locations, especially if there are multiple. These pages should include your business name, details like a phone number, address, optimization of titles, meta descriptions, best SEO practices, and details such as a phone number.

These factors should be taken into consideration when you are creating content and linking strategies. Local factors like a Google My Business listing and data aggregators, as well as review signals, are all taken into consideration when ranking local-oriented SEO.

These factors should be considered in your local SEO efforts. SEO tools such as Digital Marketers Toolbox allow you to focus on local markets and can be used for helping you create local-oriented SEO blueprints.

Website content is an important factor.

It’s the same as Google’s traditional search algorithm. However, it also includes location-based factors like Google My Business or citations. After you have mastered the basics of SEO and how Google ranks local search results, you can start to focus on signals that optimize your digital footprint in the local-oriented SEO ecosystem.

This will make your business appear higher in search results pages and increase the chances of customers finding you. Although many factors can impact visibility in local search, they are constantly changing. 

If you improve each signal, you’ll be able serve more people in your local area. This will help you grow faster. Google considers link popularity and local content as factors. It is important to create local landing pages for each of your locations, especially if there are multiple.

These pages should include your business name, details like a phone number, address, optimization of titles, meta descriptions, best SEO practices, and details such as a phone number.

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