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Thinking About Stealing Our Courses or a Group Buy?

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the Network Empire certification curriculum and courses, we have adopted a zero tolerance policy for the following behaviors:

– Group Buys on any Blackhat forums.

– Multiple user logins to any Network Empire product or training course.

– Downloading, copying, sharing, and distributing any of our copyrighted digital material to anyone other than yourself.

– The utilization and repurposing of any Network Empire videos, images, process maps, and Epimemes to create your products and services to be sold online.

Common Result for People Who Have Stolen Our Products or Engaged in a Group Buy and get Caught

– Their personal Network Empire access gets revoked and their account shut down.
– They are no longer in our circle of trust. In other words, you are no longer our friend. (This is HUGE folks)
– A phone call from our legal team as a precursor to legal action may occur. (I have been sitting in during these phone calls, it is NOT pretty folks)
– In severe cases, we take action to the next level with an attorney. This has been very expensive for people who have been ultimately prosecuted.

What You Do Not Get When You Steal Our Course:

1. No “Closed Door” Webinar Access:

* You will not get access to ongoing webinars. The more advanced training material, including some of our deepest secrets, is only revealed in no replays allowed webinars. It is nearly impossible to steal these closed-door webinars because they are not recorded. Each person has to be personally confirmed to attend these member’s only webinars.

2. No Group Coaching or One-on-One Coaching Access

* You will not get access to one-on-one coaching which comes with many of our certification level curriculum courses. You will not get access to the private skype groups associated with each course, either.

3.  No “Done For You” Includes Such As Market Research, Keyword Research, and More.

* You will not get access to the done for you services that come with some of these courses. You will not get access to software programs provided as software as a service, because these are easy for us to track and not something you can steal.

4. No Future Relationship

* You will not be able to get to know us, talk to us personally, and utilize us as an ally. This is at least 25% of the value of any of our courses.

5. No Graduation and Elevated Curriculum Plan

* You will not be able to prepare for the live Network Empire Certification Event properly held every year, because you have not legitimately enrolled in the network Empire course curriculum, and necessarily would be required to sneak around.

Don’t Forget The Karma Effect:

The karma effect. After you have been doing business online for many years, you will begin to notice how small the community is. Sure, it is a big world out there, but the online business community is pretty tightknit. It never fails to amaze me how many instances I have seen of people reaping the negative results of previous online actions. Remember, the web is made up of humans behind the websites. Many online beginners believe that they can hide behind a false identity, an alias, a proxy, or other such instruments of anonymity. Don’t risk ruining potentially profitable relationships and remarkably strong alliances by stealing from people. It will always, around to bite you.

The Bottom Line: It’s A Crime

The bottom line is that theft is illegal. Policies about such behavior are becoming more clear worldwide. Digital theft is not a misdemeanor and in some cases can be prosecuted as a felony. I believe that a lot of newbies in the blackhat forums are unaware of the potential consequences of their action because most organizations do not prosecute such behaviors in the way that we do. I would recommend that you begin your online career on the right foot, which should not start with digital theft, especially theft from highly skilled, technically trained, online digital products and software engineers.

Some of Our Many Digital Policy Theft Procedures and Tools:

First Line of Defense:

Zero Tolerance Product Theft Policy 1
Closing Paypal Accounts

Paypal Policy: Infringement Report Policy

Link: Closing Paypal Accounts Used to Hack Membership Areas or  Steal IP

Second Line of Defense:

Link: Computer Misuse Act UK

Link: RIPA Act (UK)

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