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Meet The Machine The Krakken Fears... Introducing Digital Marketers Toolbox

Digital Marketers Toolbox replaced Krakken, TLKT & the last keyword tool
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#1 SEO Digital Marketing Tool For Website Silo Architecture & Massive Ranking

Digital marketers toolbox gives you the BEST SEO Silo Website Architecture.

Within 30 minutes, you can discover the most profitable keywords to add to your website and marketing campaigns. As we have mentioned before, “It’s Not All About Keywords.” The Network Empire Stackable Grow Framework is essentially a production line for digital marketing.

What is meant by this is to effectively market in all the media types you need to have a centralized place where you can manage all the moving parts. The focus is not on handling documents. Google drive is excellent for that purpose.

Digital Marketers Toolbox focuses on the digital landscape and, more importantly, the traffic. The tool allows you to design website networks in a fraction of the time. Be sure to check out the “Insiders Training Webinar For Digital Marketers Toolbox.”

Each module explained to give you a solid foundation of what the functionality of the module is. Learn How To Build The Best Website SEO Silo Structure For WordPress.

Digital Marketers Toolbox Is The Best Kept Secret SEO Pros Don’t Talk About

Siloing is an SEO technique that creates strong thematically relevant keyword related rich themes on your site, improving the relevancy of your site in the eyes of the search engines. Rank for more keywords with far fewer backlinks than your competitors. Digital marketers toolbox makes finding the most profitable pages and keywords extremely easy.
Swallow Your Market Whole

If you’re looking for tools and digital marketing training that is powerful, practical & applicable today more than ever…

Network Empire Insider Access: Free Members Training On Digital Marketers Toolbox

Want to see more of the digital marketer's toolbox in action?

Insider Members Training: In these training sessions, each module in the digital marketer’s toolbox explained from a top-level. You get to see how a website, built live following the Digital Marketing Blueprint Build Process outlined on the right.

Digital Marketers Toolbox designed to show you where the money and traffic are in the sea of data and noise.

You’re going to quickly realize the efficiency and power the Network Empire Framework is. You will soon see “advanced made easy to learn.”

In The Next 10 Steps, You Will Learn How To Build A Website With Digital Marketers Toolbox

  1.  Create your blueprint. This blueprint will hold all your project, competitor, and keyword research data.
  2. Open Blueprint project. Once open, you can add domains you want to analyze. We suggest your website domain first.
  3. Add your domain
  4. Add your top 3 competitors. Digital Marketers Toolbox will give you enough research data to figure out where:
    1. what domains control the traffic
    2. which domain pages get the traffic > Reverse engineer to unlock the funnel & sales process
    3. what is the product or service offered
  5. From the information you have collected from competitor domains, you can now discover what the topics (keywords) have the search interest and drive traffic to the competing page. Pay attention to the phrases that are 2-4 word long
  6. Drill into the keyword phrases/themes that you discover in the keyword research module to unlock top phrases, you have found that are important to get targeted phrases & top 5 competitors keywords & landing pages. With the Intel gathered, Digital Marketeers Toolbox allows you to design your website silo architecture (think of silo architecture as a structured sitemap). You can now cherry-pick the best keywords for your website. Digital Marketers Toolbox creates the foundation of your website. The sitemap you design in the editors can easily be imported into any WordPress website with the WP video silo builder plugin.
  7. WP Video Silo Website Builder will automatically build out all the pages, categories, and posts for your website with its powerful XML importer function.
  8. Create your content architecture/content templates that you want to import into the website. Remember, you can either use the manual silo builder (Bolt-on Silos) for existing sites, or you can use the video silo importer. The content templates created in the digital marketer’s toolbox will also get imported. Add your call to action and work on your persuasion templates that guide the user through your funnel.
  9. Export your website blueprint XML out of the digital marketer’s toolbox.
  10. Log into your WordPress website. Import the XML blueprint with the WP Video Silo Website Builder plugin so all your pages can get built-in minutes in WordPress

As you go through the process, you are continually referring back to our content development process to best position your offer to the audience.
So as you can see, at Network Empire Framework gives you everything in a modular and structured framework; designed to make your digital marketing activity fun again.

Stackable SEO Growth Framework: Content Development Process Explained

How To Create A Silo Website In Digital Marketers Toolbox 1
Import Website Blueprint From Digital Marketers Toolbox

Learn how to rapidly build a WordPress websites with digital marketer's toolbox

In this session, you will learn how to build WordPress websites with digital marketers toolbox. Follow the money and you will discover how the market works.

Build all your WordPress Websites in minutes using the WP Video Silo Builder Plugin > Advanced Silo XML importer. This importer creates all your pages and sets up the silo architecture for you in minutes. Designed in the digital marketer’s toolbox, deployed to WordPress.

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How to add supporting articles/posts to a silo structured site
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Expand On Topics & Categories

How To Add Supporting Articles To Category Pages

In this session, you will learn how to get the best question based long-tail keywords from digital marketers toolbox to create supporting articles that will bring traffic to your website.

You have seen how powerful Network Empire Tool-set is for digital marketer’s.

The step-by-step process is straightforward to do.
You have seen & learnt a fast and simple way to create websites without having to learn HTML CSS or having to memorize long boring skyscraper coding tutorials.

You can get you up and running in 20 to 30 minutes with your new website ready for you to start adding your content.