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Network Empire: Everything You Need To Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Automated Digital Marketing Sales Machine.

Do You Have A Digital Marketing Battle Plan That Works?

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies, Tools & Coaching That Makes You Money!

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Intimidated by technical processes? Now you don't have to be...

You'll Learn The Fundamental Principles of Digital Marketing Via A Systematic Process To More Traffic & Sales... Including:

  • Create digtal marketing blueprints fo your business or clients businesses
  • Finding your dream clients online with our proprietary traffic strategies
  • Attracting your ideal customers and make them convert
  • Driving more ready-to-buy traffic to your website
  • Capturing 100% of your website visitors after they’ve left your site
  • Capturing leads to sell products or services, sell the leads or both
  • Selling digital marketing services to other…

Leverage the countless hours and dollars your competitors spent finding the best keywords that convert cold traffic into buyers and then put this intelligence to work on your website at a fraction of the cost and time.

Targeted Paid Traffic Strategies

Find Ready-To-Buy Customers With Paid Traffic Strategies.

Bring visitors to your site that are primed to buy. Target the perfect keywords and customers with laser precision to bring you traffic that converts.

Optimize advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and more to get the most out of every penny you spend.

Rank For Hundreds Of Keywords That Count

Turn Your Website Into A 24/7 Sales Machine

Your website must work hard to Attract, Nurture, Convert & Engage your audience, converting them into paying customers. Just looking great isn’t good enough.

Learn to build sites that rank, convert, and grow your business, demand more from your services and blow away your competition. Your website should be your 24/7 robot salesperson. Administration clerk, and support assistant.

10 X Your Reach With Less Traffic

10X Your Traffic By Capturing 100% Of Your Visitors Daily

Stay in front of your potential customers and continue to market to them LONG AFTER they have left your page.

Our proven funnel strategy puts you in front of your customers when they’re ready to buy, whether that’s today, tomorrow, or three weeks from now.


Take advantage of the digital marketer’s toolbox, revealing your competitor’s most profitable keywords, funnels & converting copy ideas. Reverse engineer your their most profitable funnels and increase your ROI


Flexible Framework built on evergreen business principles that allow for the internet to be in constant motion without causing upheaval in your marketing, and more importantly your business. The result is an increase in sales & profit


With our tools & methods, you will never have to rebuild from the ground up again. Build your business built on a solid foundation using proven processes and systems designed to grow your business, increase your reach & to close more sales

Meet Our Incredible Team Of Coaches & Consultants:

Proprietary Strategies To Help Increase Your Traffic And Multiply Your Revenue

Digital Marketing Framework, Silo Architecture, Grid UI Architecture, Content Template Architecture, SEO Architecture (local & national), Funnel Design, Email Campaign, Retargeting & Paid Traffic

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz

Mike Clay

Mike Clay

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez

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