Using Website Silo Architecture In Creative Ways

How To Bolt-On A Website Silo Theme For SEO

Bolt On Website Silo Method Explained
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Bolt-On Website Silo Method Explained

In this session, you will learn how to use the manual website silo builder to create pages on your website. In 3 steps, you can create multiple silo pages, category pages, and supporting article pages.

Siloing is an SEO technique that creates strong keyword related themes on your site, improving rankings, traffic & ultimately leading to an increase in your online visibility for the brand if implemented correctly.

The WordPress Video Silo Website Builder plugin setup your internal linking of your website correctly

“Website Siloing” is an SEO technique that creates strong thematically relevant keyword related rich themes on your site, improving the relevancy of your site in the eyes of the search engines.

Jeff Smith & Matt Da Cruz are developers of original WP silo website plugins.

Bolt On Website Silo Method Explained

Why Add A Bolt-On Website Silo?

The primary reason is to: NOT disturb existing traffic and pages on the website.
If you proceed to make drastic changes to a website, the outcomes are always unpredictable.

The aftermath can result in a website’s traffic and rankings collapsing. If this is a client, you will end up in a mountain of problems explaining why the phone has stopped ringing, and sales are not coming in.

Shady SEO practices result in you losing traffic & sales.

When you use the bolt-on silo method, you introduce a safe, controlled structure to the website, which contains the topical information within the silo.

In time you can 301 redirect > old pages to the new URL in the silo once the two pages (old + new) compete for the ranking position.

SEO Silo Architecture Gives Your Website A Strong Foundation

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